Infrastructural Development

Administrative Building

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra has very well developed administrative building having fully fledged sitting arrangement for scientist, technical and ministerial staff and a well furnished training hall with 50 farmers sitting facility.

Farmers Hostel

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra has a farmer's hostel that can accommodate more than 20 farmers at a time. The hostel rooms are well furnished too. The facilities are also available to outside farmers who visit us during study tours on nominal charges.

Staff Quarters

The six staff quarters are available.

Instructional Farm

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra possesses 17.5 hac. Out of which 3.09 hac is under buildings, Nursery & Orchard and 14.4 hac utilized under seed production. The main purpose of the farm is to demonstrate the latest agricultural practices and seed multiplication of newly released varieties of this area. It also acts as a tool to do applied research on agricultural Technologies & undertake trials before their transfer to farmers. After a careful planning and analysis soil types, the farm was divided in to two major blocks of Agro-forestry and Agronomy. This was followed by Poplar nursery that are mainly grown in the district. Similarly, agronomical crops grown are Paddy, , Urd and Fodder in Kharif and Wheat, Mustard, and Green fodder in Rabi. The farm has two tube-wells for irrigation. The farm also has several farm implements museum and improved farm implements are available for demonstration purpose.

Demonstration Units

Small Nursery Unit

"Establishment of small nursery for fast multiplication of elite clones and new varieties of mango, guava and litchi/aonla in 12 districts of western U.P. (Bilari) at KVK farms" under U.P.C.A.R. - State Horticulture Mission, U.P.

Bio Control Unit

A Bio-control unit was established by financial help of RKVY in year 2011. This unit produces & provides different bio-control agents on no profit & no loss basis.

Soil and Water Testing Laboratory

A well equipped laboratory for soil & water samples analyses was established with financial support of ICAR. Every soil sample is analyzed for eight parameters such as pH, Electric Conductivity, Organic carbon, available Nitrogen, available Phosphorus & available Potassium, Exchangeable Sodium, Calcium & Magnesium content at reasonable rates.


Total land with KVK (in ha) : 17.5 ha

S.N. Item Area (ha)
1 Under Buildings, ,Road, Channels and boundary etc. 3.0984
2 Under Demonstration Units 0.0016
3 Under Crops 13.300
4 Orchard/Agro-forestry 0.600
5 Pond -
6 Others (specify) 0.5000


S.N. Name of Building Source of Funding Plinth Area (Sq.m) Stage (Inomplete/Completed)
1 Administrative Building ICAR Plinth area (Sq.m) : 510 Status of construction : completed
2 Farmers Hostel ICAR Plinth area (Sq.m) : 300 Status of construction : Completed
3 Staff Quarters (6) ICAR Plinth area (Sq.m) : 431 Status of construction : Completed
4 Demonstration Units (2) ICAR Plinth area (Sq.m) : 160 Status of construction : Completed
5 Fencing ICAR Plinth area (Sq.m) : 200 R/M Status of construction : Completed
6 Rain Water Harvesting System ICAR Plinth area (Sq.m) : Status of construction : Completed
7 Threshing Floor ICAR Plinth area (Sq.m) : 300 Status of construction : Completed
8 Farm Godown ICAR Plinth area (Sq.m) : 60 Status of construction : Completed
9 Irrigation Channel ICAR Plinth area (Sq.m) : 1000 M Status of construction : Completed


Type of Vehicle Year of Purchase Cost (Rs.) Lac Total kms. Run Present Status
Tractor 2005 3.45 3919.4 hours Working Condition
Bolero Jeep 2007 4.59 182784 Condemn
Motor Cycle 2008 0.52 38371 Working Condition

Equipments & AV Aids

S.N. Name of the Equipment Year of Purchase Cost (Rs.) Present Status
1 L. C. D. Projector 2007 57000.00 Good Condition
2 U.P.S. 2007 TRF from H.Q. Good Condition
3 Solar (Lalten) 2007 4040.00 Good Condition
4 Electric Padestral Fan 2005 2410.00 Good Condition
5 Padestral Fan 2005 1725.00 Good Condition
6 11 Cultivator 2005 12265.00 Good Condition
7 14 Tawa Harrow 2005 24540.00 Good Condition
8 Leveller 2005 6870.00 Good Condition
9 Nepsake Spray (Plastic) 2005 1428.00 Good Condition
10 Foot Sprayer 2005 1362.00 Good Condition
11 Disk Bund Farmer 2006 8250.00 Good Condition
12 Seed Drill 2006 23415.00 Good Condition
13 Hand Rotary Fan 2006 1161.00 Good Condition
14 Trailer for Tractor 2006 1161.00 Good Condition
15 Trailer for Tractor 2006 64524.00 Good Condition
16 Hand Vinoi Fan 2006 1450.00 Good Condition
17 S.D. Memory cord of LCD with Recorder 2007 4000.00 Good Condition
18 Solar domestic ligh (Model IV) 2008 25775 Good Condition

Bio Control Lab

Small Nursery


Soil Testing Lab