• To conduct on farm trials.
  • To conduct front line demonstrations.
  • To conduct on and off campus trainings to upgrade the skill of farmers, farm women, rural youth and school drop outs.
  • To upgrade the skills and knowledge of extension functionaries with latest agricultural technologies.
  • To organize other extension activities.

  • Priority Thrust Areas of KVK, Moradabad

    Crop / Enterprises Thrust Area
    Sugarcane HYV,INM,IPM & Weed Management
    Rice HYV,INM,IPM ,Weed Management & IDM
    Wheat HYV, INM, Weed management, IPM, IDM
    Mustard HYV, INM, IPM, IDM
    Mentha HYV, INM, IPM, IDM
    Urd HYV, INM, IPM
    Maize HYV, INM, IPM
    Animal Husbandry Feed & Fodder Management, Disease Management, Dairy Management, Poultry Production
    Cucurbits HYV, INM, IPM
    Cool Crop HYV, INM, IPM
    Spice Management Technology